Special Session 1

Estimation and Control in Industrial Cyber-Physical Energy Systems under Uncertainties

Organized by

Dr. Shichao Liu, Carleton University, Canada, and Dr. Bo Chen, Zhejiang University of Technology, China

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Nowadays, information and communication technologies (ICT) has been increasingly utilized to support the exchange of measurements and control signals in industrial control systems, making these systems as important applications of industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPSs). Typical examples of ICPSs include automatic control systems that are monitoring and controlling the operation of critical infrastructures such as electrical power systems, intelligent transportation systems, and water resource management systems. While the communication infrastructure significantly facilitates the transmission of the vast amount of data over wide geographical areas, it makes cyber-physical energy systems (CPESs) more vulnerable to cyber-layer uncertainties, such as time delay, packet loss, and cyberattacks. On the physical side, the energy systems are subject to critical uncertainties as well, including environmental noises, extreme weather conditions, hardware faults, etc. Therefore, estimation and control of CPESs are crucial research topics for optimal and reliable operations of critical energy infrastructures.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Stochastic Hybrid Modeling for CPESs,
  • Distributed Estimation of CPESs under Cyber attacks,
  • Distributed Control of CPESs under Cyber attacks,
  • Intrusion Detection for CPESs
  • Model Predictive Control for CPESs s under Cyber Attacks,
  • Consensus of CPESs under Cyber Attacks
  • Game Theories for Optimal Decision Making of CPESs,
  • Data Security, Privacy and Transparency
  • Applications and Experimental studies